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AMAN CONTRACTING & MAINTATANANCE CO LTD. is a leading engineering, procurement and construction services provider in the Safety and Plant communication Sector in KSA. We have variety of products from world top manufacturers that compliance with High commission of industrial security standards (HCIS) and other international standards.

508-128 High-Powered Outdoor Siren

2001-130 and Equinox High Power, Directional Rotating Siren

ECLIPSE8 Omni-Directional Siren

Model 2 Omni-Directional Siren

FC One-Way Siren Controller

FCTBD Two-Way Control and Status Monitoring

Modulator® Electronic Siren Series

DSA High-Powered Directional Speaker

DSA1 100W Non-amplified Speaker

Informer100 IP-enabled High-Powered Indoor and Outdoor Speaker

UVRI-B UltraVoice® Indoor Remote Interface Controller

UV UltraVoice® Electronic Siren Controller

UVIC UltraVoice® Indoor Controller

PVS240W-24 and PVS240W-48 Solar Power Option for Outdoor Sirens

Commander® On-Premises Siren Control and Messaging System

CommanderOne® Cloud Based Platform for Your Warning Systems

Commander SS2000+ Local Hardware Activation Point

MAC-01/MAC-02 Mobile Activation Case

UVRI Ultravoice® Remote Interface


I-HIOW, I-UIOW, I-HIO and I-UIO Informer Tone-Alert Radio

UVLOC UltraVoice® Local Operating Console

Indoor Speakers & Strobes for Emergency Notification

Informer15 15W IP-enabled Speaker

CTS2 AudioMaster® Public Address High-Powered Amplifiers

AR2000 AudioMaster® Public Address AudioRouter

ECHO E-DS Desktop or Wall Mount Intercom Stations

ECHO E-MDS Administrative Master Station

ECHO EWP Weather Proof Digital Intercom Stations

ECHO E2 Class I, Division 2, Digital Intercom Stations

ECHO E1 Explosion Proof Digital Intercom Stations for North American Applications

ECHO E1 EX Explosion Proof Digital Intercom Stations for IEC and European Applications

PAGASYS® GEN II Digital Public Address and General Alarm Systems with Networked Options

PAGASYS® Digital Public Address and General Alarm Systems with Networked Options

I-PAS Industrial Public Address General Alarm System

Overview SelecTone® Plant Wide Warning and Industrial PA Systems

300VSC-1 SelecTone® Command Unit

300VSC-1044SB SelecTone® Rack-Mount Command Unit

300SCW-1 SelecTone® Wall Mounted Command Unit

300MB CommCenter® Digital Message Center

300FP CommCenter® Field Programmer

50GCB SelecTone® Audible Signaling Device

50GC SelecTone® Audible Signaling Device

UTM SelecTone® Universal Tone Module

TM33 SelecTone® Custom Tone Module

SelecTone® Connector Kits

EM3 SelecTone® Extension Module

300 SelecTone® Audible Signal

300GC SelecTone® Audible Signal

300X SelecTone® Explosion-Proof Audible Signal

300GCX SelecTone® Hazardous Location Audible Signal

302GC SelecTone® Audible Signal

302X SelecTone® ExplosionProof Audible Signal

302GCX SelecTone® Hazardous Location Audible Signal

304GC and 314GC SelecTone® Audible Signal

304GCX and 314GCX SelecTone® Hazardous Location Audible Signal

304X and 314X SelecTone® Explosion Proof Audible Signal

PS250, PS600 and PS1000 Selectone® Standby Battery/Back-up Power Supply

AM15 AudioMaster® Public Address 15 Watt Speaker

AM300 AudioMaster® Public Address 15 Watt Speaker

AM302 AudioMaster® Public Address Speaker

AM300GCX AudioMaster Public Address Hazardous Location Speaker

AM302GCX AudioMaster® Public Address Hazardous Location Speaker

AM300X AudioMaster® Public Address Explosion-Proof 15 Watt Speaker

AM302X AudioMaster® Public Address Explosion-Proof 30-Watt Speaker

AM50 AudioMaster® Public Address 2 Watt Re-Entrant Speaker

AMR6 AudioMaster® 8 Watt Ceiling Speaker

AM30 AudioMaster® Public Address Speaker

AM30T AudioMaster® Public Address Transformer Coupled Speaker

110-120 Marine/Industrial and Hazardous Area Loudspeakers

P-LS2B and P-LS2C Corrosion Resistant Zone 1 Loudspeaker

Model FT400BX Explosion-Proof Industrial Telephone


EA-5 Controller

EA-3 Controller

EA-1 Controller

In Wall Touch Screen

Tabletop Touch Screen

Remote Control


Wired Keypads

Wireless Keypads




Centralized Lighting

CCTV Camera

Indoor Camera

Outdoor Camera


PTZ Camera

Matrix Access Control Products

Cosec Door FMX

VEGA Series

Door Series

PATH series

COSEC Software

Walk Through Metal Detector

Hand Held Metal Detector

X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Video Intercom(Wired)

Video Intercom(Wireless)

Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

Smoke Detector

Addressable Smoke Detector

Break Glass


SPARSH Deskphone

SPARSH Premium IP Phone

SPARSH Executive IP Telephone

SPARSH Business IP Telephone



Portable Radio

Mobile Radio

Astrophysics Baggage Scanner

Garrett Metal Detector

Garrett Walk-Through Metal Detector

Garrett Super Wand

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