X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Amanco deals with all types of X-Ray Baggage Scanner and Cargo scanner machines. These machines are operating with high-level secure software and a large database. X-ray machines give you clear pictures and store scanned images in their database. This also contains E-stop buttons, if any suspected item detects we can stop the conveyor. Every image manipulation occurs in real-time. The operator can change color modes, Intensity levels, Zoom in Zoom out, change to Edge Enhancement mode and change to High Penetration mode. The XIS System allows the operators to review any images based on the Name of the operator or Time/date of images. It allows the operator to pick and choose which image he/she wants to review later with a supervisor or print the image for a hardcopy. XIS automatically archives up to 50,000 images (in raw data – able to be manipulated). The operator can also manually archive specific pictures – these will be saved in a bitmap format (as digital pictures – not able to manipulate the data). XIS System has an archiving capacity of up to 100,000 images.

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