ECHO E-DS Desktop or Wall Mount Intercom Stations

Federal Signal Models E-DSM (membrane keypad), E-DSMG (membrane keypad with gooseneck mic), are NEMA 1 handset intercom stations that may be used on a desktop or surface / wall mount application to provide speaker phone or private handset duplex two-way voice communication with LCD visual status display. The station’s digital signal processor instantly adjusts speakerphone volume levels to compensate for high ambient noise while providing high-speed connections and clear, crisp voice quality from anywhere in the room. The large, easy-to-read LCD display provides information to identify the name and number of each calling party, provides a name and number directory and an on-line help menu.

The Models E-DSM and E-DSMG Handset Call Stations can call any other station in the system and are capable of full duplex communication using the handset. Since the Digital Central Exchange can process calls simultaneously, there is no dial tone or delay. After keying in the two digits, the call can be connected immediately. The keypad provides tactile and audible feedback for positive activation. The LCD display at each Master station shows the called and calling station ID. A station may be preset to any of four levels of privacy for receiving calls; Non-Private, Semi-Private, Full Privacy, and DND (Do Not Disturb). Volume for both the handset and speaker phone can be adjusted.

The compact console unit is equipped with a handset, panel speaker and electret microphone. A standard 16 button keypad and LCD display with 2 lines of 16 characters is provided. The unit is intended for indoor use.

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