AM302 AudioMaster® Public Address Speaker

The AM302 is a rugged, transformer coupled, re-entrant speaker for use in a public address or paging application. This 30-watt speaker features a durable speaker cone and projector constructed of spun aluminum. The speaker wiring connections are enclosed in a dust- and moisture-proof, die-cast aluminum compartment. All external surfaces are sealed with a gray powder coat paint.

Two screws inserted through the back of the wiring compartment provide for a simple wall mount. The bottom of the AM302 contains two 1/2" conduit openings to accommodate inbound and outbound audio wiring. The unique shape of the AM302 projector provides a 60 degree sound dispersion. The projector is held in position with a Teflon coated lock ring that can be rotated 180-degrees in order to obtain the desired sound distribution.

Power handling for the AM302 is 30-watts with transformer taps of 30, 15 and 7watts. This unit is designed for use in 25 and 70Vrms distributed systems.

The AM302 is rated for indoor and outdoor use. The AM302 can be used with the AudioMaster CTS series amplifiers and the AudioRouter to complete an industrial grade public address system.

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