UVRI Ultravoice® Remote Interface

The Federal Signal UltraVoice® Remote Interface (UVRI) unit is a remote terminal unit (RTU), specifically designed to provide remote control and status monitoring of an individual buildings fire alarm panel, mass notification panel, or public address system. The UVRI establishes a communication link between an isolated building unit and its mass notification system into our Federal Commander Digital Control System, creating a fully integrated indoor and outdoor Mass Notification System.

The UVRI’s primary application is to provide a communication bridge to allow a public safety official or anti-terrorism officer the ability to expand their alerting and notification capabilities into a municipal wide, campus, wide, or base wide notification system solution.  In addition, the UVRI also provides the added flexible capability to interface self amplified speakers and create additional notification directly from the UVRI unit itself.

The UVRI design is based on the field proven UltraVoice product line, which includes our UltraVoice Controller and UVIC products. As with all of our UltraVoice products, the UVRI includes as a standard feature an eight minute digital Voice chip. The UVRI also offers the unique capability for a remote operator to record and broadcast urgent message notifications. When local control and activations are required the UVRI provides an easy to use local user interface with local push button control for seven control functions and a local microphone input for live voice announcements.

The UVRI is housed in a non-metallic indoor/outdoor NEMA 4X/UL50 rated enclosure.

The UVRI is a two-way digital communication unit, which in its standard configuration includes a Motorola Vertex VX-4500 transceiver for wireless communication back to the Federal Commander Digital System. However, the UVRI all supports a variety of other communication mediums including:  Landline, Ethernet, and Satellite. The UVRI utilizes secure digital data transfer methods via 128 bit encryption to ensure no malicious or accidental operation of the system. Our two-way status monitoring provides information on the following conditions:   AC power, battery voltage, enclosure intrusion, charger, local activation, and remote system operation.

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