UVIC UltraVoice® Indoor Controller

  • Landline, Ethernet (IP) or Radio Control w/Two-way Status Monitoring
  • Public Address
  • Seven Standard Tones
  • 70 Vrms Audio Output Standard (25 Vrms optional)
  • 128-Bit Encryption
  • 4 Programmable Relays, 600-Ohm, Line-level and 33- Ohm Audio Outputs (with optional UVARM)
  • Type 1 Enclosure
  • Up to 250 Stored Messages, 17 Hours of Available Audio
  • Batteries and Local Microphone Included
  • Line Supervision of Distributed Appliance Network
  • Optional Windows Based Activation and Status Monitoring Software
  • UL and cUL Listed


    The Federal Signal UltraVoice® Indoor Controller, Model UVIC, is designed to deliver clean, clear, amplified audio to a network of speakers (sold separately), configured for indoor notification or evacuation. The UltraVoice Indoor Controller has been designed for high quality reproduction of live or pre-recorded voice and tone, providing the ability to automate testing and emergencies.

    The UVIC is housed in a single NEMA1 style cabinet, with provisions for up to two 400 watt amplifiers (sold separately). Each controller requires 120VAC and contains two sealed lead-acid batteries, providing over 30 minutes of operation in the event power has been lost. The UVIC can be activated by land line, radio or IP from a remote location. Landline activation can initiate one of the 8 onboard functions by connecting a momentary dry contact closure (customer supplied) to the appropriate pc board mounted terminal block. These functions can contain a combination of tone and pre-recorded voice or Public Address. Public Address is available from the supplied microphone located inside the controller. If Radio Control of the UVIC is desired, an optional Federal Signal Encoder Model SS2000+ and base station radio (approved radio license required at time of order) must be added to the control package and is typically located where administrative control and activation resides. In either configuration, each function will remain active for 3 minutes as standard.

    The UVIC controller is also compatible with our Commander® Software System status monitoring and activation software to “point and click” activation and local indication of alarms or fault conditions. Available functions to be displayed on a computer screen or captured to a database or printer are: AC Power, Battery Voltage, Charger Operation, Activation Current, Amplifier Status, Quiet Test, Intrusion and Local Activation.

    Options: Ultravoice units may be equipped with a programmable RF receiver for remote control using MSK or DTMF protocols. Federal Commander Windows based software provides command and control for UltraVoice two way products


    Operating Temperature -22°F to 149°F (-30°C to 65°C)
    Input Voltage 120 or 240VAC (UVIC240) +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz Single-phase
    Input Current 5A AC, 45A DC Max
    Operating Voltage 24VDC
    Standby Time 3 days with 5 minutes reserve
    Continuous Signal Time 30 minutes
    Audio Output (UV400) 70 Vrms (nominal)
    Dimensions H x W x D 8 31” x 17.36” x 13.62”
      (787.4 mm x 440.9 mm x 345.9 mm)
    Net Weight (no amplifiers) 64.55
      200 lb

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