Modulator® Electronic Siren Series

  • Light-weight, compact design
  • Utilizes Federal Signal Ultravoice™ for control and amplification
  • Excellent frequency response for clear voice reproduction
  • 360º coverage without sound variation in horizontal planes
  • Easy servicing through convenient access panels
  • Anechoic chamber-certified

Standard mounting options include wood or steel/concrete pole mounting



Federal Signal’s Modulator High Powered Speaker Array offers the same proven technology as the original Modulator with the exception of a smaller compact chassis. Modulator provides a flat frequency response up to 2000Hz producing intense warning signals and digital voice messaging over a large area. The Modulator design enables the siren to produce a high sound level and intelligible voice communications.

The innovative omni-directional electronic Modulator speaker array consists of modules that utilize four 100 watt drivers. It also provides clear voice communication and offers warning signals which are produced by Federal Signal’s UltraVoice™ electronic controller and amplifier system. Custom tones and professionally recorded voice messages for the UltraVoice controller are available and can be purchased upon request.

The Modulator High Powered Speaker Array combined with the UltraVoice controller is ideal for community/municipal, industrial and military applications where immediate instruction is necessary. The MOD6032 and MOD6048 have been replaced by the MOD8032B, which is shorter, lighter and more compact.

The Modulator and UltraVoice controller can be networked via radio, IP, landline, cellular and/or satellite communications. Powering is available in AC, DC, or solar. The system typically operates from batteries which are charged from either AC or Solar. Federal Signal can also provide customized solutions to fit your special applications.


1Add the letter C to the Modulator model name for steel/concrete pole mount model
*The bottom module contains no active devices and is simply used as a reflective surface.
**Based on far field measurements
***Coverage based on 10 dB(C) distance doubled loss factor

Horizontal Coverage 360º
Modulator Horn Type Hyperbolic flare
Frequency Response 200-2000Hz ± 1dB
Color Weather Guard White III
Paint Type TGIC-polyester powder coat
Mounting Wood or steel/concrete models
Diameter 35"/88.9 cm

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