COSEC Software

COSEC Software

AMANCO introducing the best Time Attendance and Access Control solution from small-scale business to an enterprise's level.  All types of Time & Attendance and Access Control solutions are designed and perfect implementation by our well-experienced engineers. We handle many projects around Saudi Arabia.

Time-Attendance makes an organization’s operations easier and accurate time solutions. Our Time-Attendance device is an IP based device, which communicates with software through the Internet protocol. We offer good software which consists of different kinds of modules like User, Shifts, Access Control, Visitor, Employee self-service, Job's processing, Contract workers and Cafeteria.

Our software contains the best database and backup. All employee's data and fingerprint’s data securely stored in the backbend database. Software is very user-friendly while generating reports, user enrollment, end-user programming. The software generates reports monthly and sends to the respective users automatically.

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